Breakfast Smash 9 Hole Golf Competition

January 09, 2015

Every week play golf, have breakfast, win prizes and start your day perked and refreshed!

Take 30 minutes out of your morning routine and join our 9-hole Breakfast Smash Golf Competition:

Monday - Friday from 8am to 11am.
Members $15, Non-members $30.

Weekly prize for the winner! Maintain your position on our overall leader board to be the Ultimate Breakfast Smash Champion for Season 1.

See Conditions of Competition for more information.



The following conditions, together with any additions or amendments as published by the Organizing Committee at Urban Fairways, will apply under Rule 33-1 to this tournament.


The Breakfast Smash 2015 will be played at Urban Fairways Singapore from 11th January to 31st December 2015 in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and with the Local Rules approved by the Organizing Committee.


2.1 All entries are open to all golfers of any handicap, male and female.

2.2 Only children the age of 14 and above are eligible to participate in the tournament.

2.3 All entries will be subjected to the approval of the Organizing Committee which reserves the right to accept or refuse, or having accepted subsequently reject any entry without giving reasons for its decision.


3.1 There will 2 seasons held for 2015:

     Season 1: 11th Jan – 27th June

     Season 2: 5th July – 31st Dec

3.2 The tournament will be held Monday to Friday, every week from 8am to 11am. Players have to book 1 day in advance to play. Walk-ins accepted only on availability of simulators or slots. Before starting the comp, players will have to pay their comp fees and sign in physically at the counter with their name, handicap, contact details (mobile/email) and time of play.

3.3 The tournament will be in stroke play format, unless otherwise stated.

3.4 Men will play off the Amateur tees and Ladies off of the Red tees for every tournament held weekly.

3.5 The Organizing Committee will decide if there will be any changes to the format of play based on the entries received.


4.1 Handicap Index for the tournament is as of 1st Jan 2015. Competitors are responsible for the accuracy of their own Handicap Index.

4.2 Handicaps will be adjusted every week to ensure fair play. An average of 3 games will be taken for the new handicap to be adjusted.

     E.g.    38 + 40 + 42 = 120/3 = 40 (Average Handicap)

               40 - 36 - 2 = 2 (Updated Handicap)


A preset course will be chosen every week via Courses that coincide with an ongoing tournament might be chosen for that week to enhance the golfer’s experience and pit their skills against the best in the world.


6.1 The entry fee for Members: $15 and Non-members: $30. It is inclusive of prizes, 9 hole game, competition fees and a breakfast set (choice of museli or bacon butty and coffee, tea or fruit juice).

6.2 There will be no refund of the entry fee after payment.

6.3 All payments must be made at the front counter before starting the tournament.


7.1 First available tee off will commence at 8 a.m. and last tee off will be at 11 a.m. sharp. Additional flights after 11 a.m. will be approved at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

7.2 To avoid waiting time, participants are encouraged to book a simulator slot at least one day before their game.

7.3 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to fix and/or alter the starting and ending times.


8.1 Players should check their scores and ensure that they are correct before inputting their scores into the system.

8.2 A player is deemed to have submitted their scores and no further amendments may be made once he/she has left the premises.


9.1 In the event of a tie, the Club’s count back system shall apply.

9.2 In the event of a tie or ties for the Overall Champion, a count back based on the last tournament played shall determine the Overall Champion.

9.3 The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide the Overall Champion in an event of a tie.


10.1 Players are allowed to bring their own golf clubs and balls to the tournament as long as they are named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads and Balls issued by the R&A.

10.2 Players are encouraged to utilize the clubs and balls provided by Urban Fairways throughout the duration of the tournament.


11.1 Every week there will be a winner based on the nett score. There is also a point system for the players to form a leaderboard. Point system are as followed:

1st: 5 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 3 points

4th: 2 points

5th: 1 point

6th and subsequently: 0

At the end of each season, the person with the highest amount of points will be crowned the Champion of The Urban Fairways Breakfast Smash 2015.

11.2 A minimum of 4 rounds have to be played by each player in order for the player to qualify for the championship.

11.3 Winners will be contacted via email or SMS every week by Friday 4pm. Collection of prizes can be done the following Monday after 9am.

11.4 There will be a live leaderboard maintained at Players have to sign up and log onto their fullswing account to view play the tournament or view the leaderboard.

Log in → Leaderboard → Home location tab → Breakfast Week 1 → Results


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend these tournament conditions.

Updated: January 8, 2015

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