The Urban Fairways Corporate Titans

June 19, 2013

The Urban Fairways Corporate Titans Indoor Golf Championships has grown to 32 teams! We are looking for the best corporate golfing team in Singapore, starting this August. 


32 teams will compete against each other in a two ball scramble format. Each company can nominate 4 players, but only 2 players are needed each week. It’s a FREE ENTRY if you have a UF member in your team! 


The 32 teams will be split into eight groups (A-H). Each team will play a 2 ball scramble head-to-head against the other teams in the group (3 matches), with the best nett stroke score being the winner (handicaps will be monitored by the UF Handicap Committee)

Teams will receive points (Win = 10 Draw = 5 Lose = 0)


Handicaps will be 3/4 of the aggregate handicap from the team’s nominated 2 players in each match.


There will be a suggested schedule of matches, which can be rescheduled with the consent of each teams opponents. All qualifiers are to be completed by Sept 2nd, 2013. Quarters & Semi finals to be completed by Sept 23rd and the finals will be played on Sept 30th in front of a live audience!


Thanks to our sponsors Laguna National & Bintan Lagoon


Teams participating with an Urban Fairways member will receive free entry. All teams without an Urban Fairways member will pay $100 entry fee for the tournament. There will be no simulator cost for any team thereafter.

SCOREBOARD AS AT Monday 2nd September,2013



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July 17, 2013

This event is now FULLY SUBSCRIBED! 32 corporate teams!

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