Why You Should Play Golf Left-Handed

Why You Should Play Golf Left-Handed

July 15, 2016

You should play left-handed! 

The underlying fault of most swing errors is from “right-handed” golfers having "too active" of a right hand, which overpowers their left hand causing several issues. Problems that arise can consist of too steep of descent, club ascending at impact, collapsing of the left wrist at impact, or early rotation and throwing the club face out of alignment. 

Theoretically speaking, you would want to have your dominant hand leading the swing. If you were right handed in your daily life, then playing golf as a “left-handed” golfer would have your right hand leading the club into impact, effectively backhanding the shot.

Before you freak out... I am not proposing a revolution whereby everyone switches to be a left-handed player. Certainly though, if you are new to the game you should consider this and experiment with it.

The point is understanding the roles your hands play in the golf swing, how they need to effectively function together and which hand should ideally dominate in terms of grip pressure and/or conscious applied effort or control.

If you can visualize and have a feeling that your right hand is passive and just “along for the ride”, it will help you greatly in overcoming the common swing faults that cause many poor shots. 

Just think of a the Tango, or perhaps, two lost people on a search - both of these situations require a leader. For all you right-handed golfers, let your left hand lead you to success (and vice-versa for left-handed players)! 


See you on the greens!
James Quilley