Why The Pros Are So Good

December 03, 2017

Many golfers who are new to the game or don’t play regularly often ask “how are you so consistent?” and “how do you hit the ball so straight and far?”.  Another common one is, “How do you make it look so easy?”. The truth is it takes a lot more time and effort than you might think.

The professionals on tour are not only on crazy practice schedules, but also intense fitness regimes, strict diets, and even stricter mental preparation. The general rule during off-season is a daily gym routine and 12 hours practice every day, split between 800 balls on the range and chipping green, followed by a couple hours on the putting green.

Gym routines incorporate plenty of golf specific exercises and stretches that enable you to hit the ball more consistently, and further.

Golfers at a high level will tell you just how big a role the mind plays in the game. If you aren’t constantly in the moment, and if you dont have confidence in your ability for every shot, your results will be a lot less consistent.

Diet, both on and off the course, plays a huge part in staying focused and energised. The pros are athletes and need to be focused and on top of their game at all times. They have fine-tuned their diets so they can be stable and have appropriate energy levels.

Slow releasing energy foods and drinks keep you feeling energised and focused, leading to better results. Low sugar foods and drinks like bananas and peanut butter rye sandwiches, as well as low sugar electrolyte drinks, and heaps of water will keep you in the zone. Stay away from the beer, pie, and coke at halfway and see how much more stamina you’ll have for that back nine.

So the answers you’re looking for are:

  • Practice often and with purpose
  • Exercise and stretch every day
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink lots of water
  • Prepare mentally, and remain focused, and confident

Cut five strokes off your game if you apply these consistently, and smartly.

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Dave Lamprecht

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