Why Practicing Indoors Is More Effective

August 16, 2016

Why Practicing Indoors Is More Effective

Why Practicing Indoors Is More Effective 

How often do you visit the outdoor driving range and mindlessly crank through a bucket of balls? You will often feel like you are making the effort and leave feeling pretty good, albeit in Singapore you feel awfully hot and soaked in sweat! However, there is a common misconception that going to the driving range will ultimately improve your golf game.

Whacking balls into a field is an inexpensive way to get to know the average distances of your clubs, but it isn't a very accurate method.

  1. Range Balls vs Game Balls
    Unless you're bringing your game balls to the range, you are hitting balls that are designed to be durable and often they won't perform like your preferred game ball. They have different compressions = fly different distances from ball to ball.
  2. Distance Markers
    Markers are generally set up every 50 meters, which leave you guessing the exact distance for the balls you hit in between the markers. The average player has about 7-10 meters in between each properly struck iron. So how do you end up deciding what club to hit 134 meters, for example.
  3. Ball Location
    Even if you had perfect vision, determining exactly where your ball lands in a sea of other range balls isn't exactly easy or precise.

Golf simulators, on the other hand, give you precise feedback every single shot. You are given exact calculations of your precise carry and total distance, ball speed, how far shots are missed left or right, and provided with visuals of your actual shot as well as trajectory view and dispersion view. You understand exactly where your ball went, which allows you to adjust and adapt, speeding your learning process with confidence.

Learning indoors on a simulator means you eliminate the hot and sweaty mess after your practice session! Cool and calm people often are able to learn and perform better. Having a private simulator gives beginner golfers the opportunity to practice privately, away from the crowd of golfers you'll find on a driving range - it can get intimidating sometimes. 

Indoor golf centers, such as Urban Fairways, are aimed at improving your golf game fast and efficiently in a calm, and relaxing environment. The combination of great music in the background, easy lighting, relaxing drinks, and great quality food and service creates a very unique and easy learning environment. Golf is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one, and as a golf pro, I guarantee you would learn better on a simulator with instant high-tech feedback as opposed to on an outdoor range.


See you on the greens!
James Quilley 

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