Golfer Case Study - from Beginner to Champion

April 01, 2018

Golfer Case Study - from Beginner to Champion

Meet Mika Hoffren. He’s from Finland and works in IT. Picking up golf in October 2016 in Jakarta he randomly went to the driving range and like many, played a few random games on the course. He was averaging 115 out on the course.

Then he moved to Singapore and joined Urban Fairways in early 2017 with a 27 handicap. Despite hitting balls for at least 3 hours a week, he experienced no real progress until he took some lessons from our golf coach.

Mika said “ the structure of training and fundamentals were reconstructed with amazing results. My current hcp is 12.8 down from 24 when Dave started to fix things actively one by one. Sure it has taken a few hours of training and the convenience of the Urban Fairways facilities have helped greatly - The Full Swing Golf simulators that they use had one of the biggest technical impact to my game as numbers and statistics matter to me”

“Now the clinics on you are conducting outdoors are yet another addition to help learn golf, have fun and meet other golfing personalities and Urban Fairways members.”

Mika swings by Urban Fairways 3 mornings a week before work at 8am. He practices for an hour whilst enjoying a morning muesli and coffee. Last week he became the 2018 Urban Masters champion and recipient of our very own Green jacket!

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you improve your game faster and become a Champion please contact Dave Lamprecht ( or visit our website

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