Single length irons - can one size fit all?

September 04, 2018

Single length irons - can one size fit all?

Back to back wins for Bryson DeChambeau will have the golfing equipment world raising their heads and wondering if one length really fits all. 

According to industry research firm Golf Datatech, the two sets of single-length irons currently being sold at traditional golf retail—Cobra’s King F7 One and King Forged One —account for less than 2 percent of all irons sold. So are we going to see those numbers change now that Bryson has hit a purple patch? 

Well the argument goes something like this - If there are multiple possible solutions or explanations to a particular problem, the simpler is usually the better. 

Cobra's head of research and development Tom Olsavsky said “Most people struggle with golf, and if you give them some simplicity, and then they see some benefit, there’s a good reason to think it will be successful. It’s appealing to that idea of I want to hit it more consistently."

There's a change a coming - and now it's coming even faster! 

David Edel, the golf inventor who developed the single length irons that originally made Bryson Dechambeau famous said DeChambeau’s play is having an effect on the tour player’s mindset. “I’ve heard from a multiple major-championship winner that in five to eight years you’ll see a quarter of the players on tour playing single length,” Edel said.

The benefits are at once obvious and complex. The same shaft length for every iron in the set means posture, ball position and the swing itself are exactly the same for your 4-iron as they are for your wedge. That sounds like it should be easy, but how do you compensate for the lost speed or excessive flight at either end of the iron set so that your single-length set produces the distance gaps crucial to accurate iron play?

Cobra is the first major manufacturer to explore this idea in decades, offering two sets as alternatives in its current line. Cobra’s Olsavsky believes the distance benefit is hidden but real in single-length irons. So much so, that he said single-length is “not just a one and done” for Cobra. “There are a number of things that we want to look into longer term. You’ll hear more about how we’re going to continue to execute this concept.” Also, hidden and potentially even more beneficial is what longer wedge shafts might do for mediocre players, he said.

“The biggest benefit that we have not sold a lot of is how much better the short game is for people whose short games’ suck,” Olsavsky said. “This is something we will see more over time as we get more and more of these sets out there. Teachers have told us repeatedly, ‘I can get some players to be a lot better in their short game just because of the one setup.’ With the number of shots around the green average golfers hit right now, we think this is a big recipe for improvement.”

Cobra single length clubs are available for trial and feedback with our golf coach Dave Lamprecht and using our Full Swing Golf simulator. If you'd like to book a session please visit

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