Women's Golf Day Tue 5th June

June 02, 2018

Women's Golf Day Tue 5th June

Ladies Only, Men Forbidden! 

One of the world's oldest games, golf, has a long and torrid history of gender inequality, excluding women from playing the sport and from club membership. Remarkably, as recently as last year(2017), Scotland's Muirfield Golf Club voted to allow female members. Across the Atlantic, Augusta National first "invited" it's first female members in 2012. 

Roll forward to 2018 and golf is welcoming - no - begging women to take up the game. And it's about time! Women's golf day is in fact a global event celebrating girls and women playing golf and learning skills that last a lifetime.

At Urban Fairways we are opening the greens free of charge for the entire day. Swing by for some informal coaching to anyone wanting to have a try, come and have a try swinging at St Andrews, enjoy a few beginner games, as well as a nearest the pin competition for the more seasoned female golfers. All equipment is provided.

We want to encourage as much interaction as possible. Male golfers are also welcome to join us but only in the capacity of coaches and caddies! 

A great bit of advice for today's emerging business woman, is to add golf as a skill set in her networking routine. 

Golf has been deemed the sport of business. Few, if any, activities can duplicate the power of golf to boost one's career regardless of gender. The game provides unmatchable networking time with clients, prospects and colleagues, including valuable access to senior management. If few women employees are playing golf, then your companies are missing out on key business opportunities

In a recent survey, 79 % of respondents agreed that they can get to know a person better on the course, 73 % say that golf has helped them develop new relationships and 62 % credit golf with helping them try new things.

Conversely, exclusion from informal networks has been cited as the biggest impediment for women to reach their career goals. Golf is one of those networks. It's time to get involved. 

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