3 Great Team Building Ideas Using Indoor Golf

June 30, 2017

3 Great Team Building Ideas Using Indoor Golf

Team building is an important investment in your people, helping to build trust, reduce conflict and increasing collaboration. Fun and excitement are important elements. Here are three indoor golf related ideas which we have used for successful team building events: 

1. Introduction to Golf 

A day long event starting in the morning we present an introduction to golf with a little bit about the history, the game and some of the rules over breakfast. We then give some introductory lessons, some videos of games and then during lunch we play some competitive games in team format. We end the session with a short test, summary, another competition and some fun drinks.

2. Golf and Wine/Whisky Tasting

A great 3 hour evening event which combines a wine or whisky education/tasting session with a golf game or competition from the same region. Recently we conducted a tasting of 6 wines from the Marlborough region of New Zealand and combined it with a competition at the famous Kauri Cliffs, NZ. In July we feature Scotland and Single Malt whisky.

3. Golf and Race Night

The perfect combination of fun games to make an awesome event. A 3 hour evening which will have the golfers and non golfers all screaming for more. Start with welcome drinks and food. 6 televised horse races where everyone tries to pick a winner & golf competitions which will have everyone wanting to win!

If you'd like to know more about how you can incorporate the fun and excitement of golf and Urban Fairways into a successful team building event please contact us. 

events@urbanfairways.com or call 63278045

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