3 indoor golf benefits you never thought about

August 19, 2018

3 indoor golf benefits you never thought about

10 years ago when someone told me I could learn golf indoors I was a sceptic. I thought simulators were just toys. I really wanted to improve my golf and I knew no other way than to jump in a taxi, head off to Green Fairways or Toa Payoh and go to the range with a change of clothes and armed with 3 bottles of 100 plus. After just 60 minutes of smashing balls I left completely soaked, not knowing how far my balls were really going or if I was hitting them better. I never knew if I would have time to go back to the range later in the week due to work commitments.

After 10 years in the indoor golf business the hardest part has been to convince people of a simulators accuracy. Nowadays, almost everyone knows that Full Swing is the leader in golf simulation with the top players in the game all using it for practice and fine tuning their swing and ball shape. Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Patrick Reed and so list goes on. 

When compared to the "benchmark" tool (Trackman) used for fitting in the industry there is little if any difference in the data captured. But there are some real tangible benefits to learning and practicing indoors if you are finding it hard to get to the range outdoors.

1. Save Time - you can drop in for as short or as long as you like at any time of the day. Grab a coffee on your way to work and hit 30 balls in 20 mins, grab a salad for lunch and play 9 holes in just 25 mins or pop in for a cold beer after work but before your call with NY, and hit 60 pitching wedges to 100m. 

2. Save Money - you can leave your clubs at home, save on a taxis and change of clothes. We have top of the range clubs and balls for you to use free of charge, we're in an air conditioned environment and we are conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar MRT.

3. Improve Faster - convenience combined with technology and a talented golf coach on hand to guide you, means you'll improve faster than outdoors. Valuable feedback on your swing path, ball speed and trajectory means we will have you working on that part of your game that matters to you most. 

If you practice for one hour, just twice a week after work,  your taxi fare alone is a minimum of $160 (based on $10 each way). 

Find out more here about what's included in our Golf Rookie membership, where you can practice for 2 hours a week FREE! If you'd like a FREE tour of our venue and simulator then drop Jeremy (our golf guide) a note and arrange a time. (golfguide@urbanfairways.com) or call 97865270.

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