Jordan Spieth Full Swing Golf Simulator

July 03, 2015

Jordan Spieth, winner 2015 US Masters & U.S OPEN, has a Full Swing Golf simulator in his own home, the exact same as Urban Fairways’.

The accuracy of the technology of my Full Swing Golf simulator is second to none….I can even play the golf courses which I play on tour!...It’s very convenient, it’s very easy, you don’t really tire out, and you can get a lot done in a very short amount of time.

Watch the full video here: 

You can practice and be on your way to becoming a champ right here at Urban Fairways. With 3 Full Swing Golf Simulators and golf clubs at your disposal, you and your friends can get good reps without having to worry about the weather forecast. Located in the Central Business District, we have a fully stocked 8 meter long bar, freshly brewed coffee and delicious food to fuel you on. There is simply no better alternative. Book a slot NOW!

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