Golf Apps You Need Right Now

November 05, 2015

For your handicap

If you are fed up of taking the swing test at Marina Bay, or your friends are accusing you of being a sandbagger, there is no excuse not to maintain a handicap. All you need is 5 scores to get you started!


Easy to use and input your scores, hole by hole or total score. Keeps track of historical data and shows you what you need to shoot to improve. Our members use it, and we’ve been using and recommending it for 5 years now.

For decision making

Like most of us, there will be a time when you don't know the rules. Where do you drop your ball with red stakes. How about yellow stakes? The rules of golf are sometimes tricky and can lead to disqualification or loss of a match.


This app covers the main rules you will need out on the course without draining your battery. 

For the weather

At this time of the year, rain clouds build up fast. The siren has blown and you don't know whether to wait it out or go back to the clubhouse for beers.


This app is by the  Singapore NEA Meteorological Services Division and keeps you up to date on how far away the rain and lightning really is!

For keeping score

Not sure how to calculate stableford, or who is winning the fourball matchplay up ahead? Golf has never been so easy and fun as with the live scoring app. We use it every week!


Easy to use and set up, it lets you keep track of your game with a LIVE scoreboard. Just like the pros!

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