Step aside Men -  The Ladies of Golf are here to Stay!

Step aside Men - The Ladies of Golf are here to Stay!

April 21, 2019

One of the world's oldest games, golf, has a long and torrid history of gender inequality, excluding women from playing the sport and from club membership - But no longer! 

A game deeply rooted in history and tradition, it seems golf is finally starting to see the light. As more women are playing golf both professionally and for fun even the oldest, most staunch of golf clubs seem to be changing their ways: promoting shorter rounds and family friendly clubhouses.

But what took us so long? With even Mary, Queen of Scots, ruler of Scotland said to have been an avid golfer back in 1542, it's clear that women have been swinging with the best since the beginning and there is no sign of that stopping anytime soon. With such talented women on the rise, and rightly so, seems only fair to share some of the ladies leading the charge for equality on the green.

In fact, some of these high flying female celebrities who golf will surprise you. No longer a man's game, these women take a swing at the outdated acronym Golf: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. And show that this sport truly is anyone's game.


 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman attended the 2014 Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament  in Haikou, China. Proceeds from which were generously donated the to the World Wildlife Fund and Yao Ming Foundation. 


Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice didn’t pick up the game until 50, proving it’s really never too late to start. In 2012, she reported getting her handicap down to a 14 and cites her driving and putting as the strongest part of her game. If she could get better with her irons and wedges, she says her handicap would improve tremendously. Dr. Rice also became one of the first female members of Augusta National Golf Course, home of the Master’s Tournament.


Eva Longoria

 Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is a long-time golfer. At one point in her golfing career, Eva was named lead ambassador for the Callaway Golf Foundation appearing in both TV and print public service announcements to aid in educating women and raising ovarian cancer awareness.


In seeing some of these celebrated ladies on the course (plus many more to be covered in articles to come) it's little wonder that women in golf are here to stay. At Urban Fairways we welcome women of all abilities and there has never been a better time to swing by!

Email us at and arrange a complimentary tour of our golf facility. We'll have you teeing it up in no time in air-conditioned comfort right in the heart of Singapore's CBD.


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