Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

May 20, 2019

Teamwork in the modern workforce is vital. In fact, organizations rely on it to achieve their goals and targets because a team that comes together as communicative & emotionally conscious are considerably happier and healthier. This in turn sees a great increase in both creativity and productivity as they both stem from this ideal.

The long and the short of it is, the better our teams work together, the better the results will be. Simple as that. We see it every day in sport - even out on the golf course. Thinking that golf is a solo sport is already losing half the battle. Because you’ll notice that the best players surround themselves in the support, encouragement, and constructive criticism necessary to play at their full potential. Be it out on the fairway, or back in the boardroom - without the benefits of teamwork we simply aren’t utilising our skills to the fullest.

 If we break it down even further, Teamwork really comes down to 3 key ideas:


People love to work together. Eighty-eight percent of Millennials say they prefer to collaborate rather than compete. So we should look for people to work together, not individually, where they contribute to a shared goal, and shared success, which will increase morality and motivation.

The better they work together, the faster they hit the goal of their team, which in turn allows them time to help other teams and individuals, which then helps the company achieve the overall goal. Collaborating can become as simple as playing a round together, sharing tips and tricks to develop each others game in a much more beneficial way.



Cooperation is when someone helps a colleague achieve their own goal, without any real benefit for themselves. It's an act of selflessness that benefits others. We need to give people time to work together and support each other, and even encourage them, as it will lead to better results overall.



Competition is a great way to improve performance. It's great for team morale by making it fun, working with each other, rather than in solitary, to achieve a common goal. In the end, the best performance comes when we begin to compete with ourselves - striving for the best possible performance. And so as each part of the team works with each other to compete for success - everyone begins to move in the same direction with a much healthier, more sustainable mindset - a desire for everyone to get better.


So take your game, your business, or both to the next level by working with those around you and take full advantage of your skills by collaborating and cooperating in a team. Don't just rely on your teams gelling and working well together, or simply getting by on your own - take positive action by mixing these ingredients to create amazing teams with those around you.

And in the immortal words of Michael Jordan:

 "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." 

Urban Fairways offers a great environment to hold team building events, for corporates and small business by combining all of the elements above. If you’d like to find out more please contact Sasha at or call +6590039305 

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