FAQs - Membership

1. How Do The Golf Credits Work?

Once you have made an account on our Golf Simulator Booking System, the Golf Simulator Credits associated with your membership subscription will be placed into your account on the 1st of Every Month. Any bookings made during the month will deduct from these credits until the balance is $00.00. Regular simulator rates will apply after all the credits in your account have been used.

  • Black - Golf Guru : $1,500 Golf Simulator Credit placed into your account
  • Gold - Avid Golfer : $1,000 Golf Simulator Credit placed into your account
  • Red - Female Golfer: $500 Golf Simulator Credit placed into your account
  • Yellow - Social: No golf credit will be placed into your account
Given that one 18 hole round is should roughly take 2 hours, $1,500 Golf Simulator Credit should estimately cover 6 Full Rounds of Golf.

* Please take note that Golf Simulator Credits do not roll forward. For example, if you still have $500 at the end of the month, the $500 will not be added to the following month's Golf Simulator Credits balance.

    2. Why Am I Paying the one time SGD$250 Joining Fee?

    All of our new members are required to pay a one time joining fee of SGD$250, BUT it's not all for nothing! Here is what you receive in return:
    1. 1 Bottle of 750ml Grey Goose Vodka, 750ml Hendricks Gin or 700ml Johnny Walker Black Label - liable to change depending on availability
    2. 1 FREE Round at Laguna National for yourself when booking with 3 other* Please take note that only you will receive the FREE round, not your entire flight

    3. How and When Do I Get Billed For My Membership Subscription?

    All our members will be billed the associated rate automatically through your stated credit card on the 1st of every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we would be sad to see you go!

      4. I Am A Yellow - Social Member, but Can I Still Play Golf?

      You absolutely can! Regular simulator rates will apply to your bookings.

        5. If I Am A Black - Golf Guru Member, How and When Do the Special Rates for Laguna National apply? 

        All our Black - Golf Guru Members have access to special rates at Laguna National on Sunday AfternoonsTo make bookings, please click on the LAGUNA NATIONAL BOOKING button located next to BOOK A TEE TIME found on the top right hand corner of our website's home page. Fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly!

        6. Want to Know More?

        You can read our full membership agreement n this link

        Let us know if you have any further questions by either calling us at
        +65 6327 8045 or emailing sales@urbanfairways.com