Position Vacant - Young PGA Golf Professional

A Passion for Golf Could Lead to A Serious Career

How would you like to join a company involved in the golf industry that is at the very beginning of a significant growth phase? We’re willing to push the boundaries of golf and teach you everything you need to know to succeed. We are more concerned about you than about your job history or experience. If you want a change from the monotony of watching people hit balls at the range, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to develop to your full potential. You’ll be responsible for ensuring our members enjoy an active golf program through lessons, hosting regular golf events, the management of corporate tournaments and to assist in conversion of walk-ins and guests into members through the sales process.

Daily Work

Education and Personal Requirements

PGA degree & min 2 yrs experience at a club teaching and managing a shop

Excellent communication skills & understand latest technology

Young and energetic, friendly and patient

Team player and self starter

Excellent communication skills & English

You’ll enjoy lot’s of benefits including all public holidays, meal allowances & golf benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: Singapore is a low tax environment. On $80,000 Annual Income you only pay $3,350 personal income tax

Send CV to golf@urbanfairways.com and tell us a little about yourself. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Benefits of working at Urban Fairways

Multi tasking role - Most golf professionals have the same boring shift every day. Teaching people 8 hours/day for 6 days/week can can be very exhausting. At Urban Fairways we mix the job up with teaching, interacting with members and guests, hospitality and creating and managing events.
Flexibility - As a golf pro at UF it’s easy to reschedule golf lessons or meetings in case of any personal problem. You can also mix up the days and start early or late depending on expected traffic and golf bookings.
Grow your personal network - UF is an amazing place to meet plenty of golfers and non golfers from around the world. Many of them become friends, not just customers. This is the culture we create at Urban Fairways.
Friendly environment - 99.9% colleagues (boss included), members and non members are super friendly. They make you feel very positive and not lonely. Most of us live here in Singapore far away from our families.
Personal development - From English improvement, learning to deal with new cultures, and learning ways of doing business,  I find working at UF very beneficial for my personal development and also for my future job opportunities.