League Rules & FAQs

League Rules

1. Penalties

All matches must be played strictly within 90 minutes. Any matches which take longer will result in a bar fine of $50 to each team. 

2. Handicap Adjustments
All players who shoot better than their handicap any week will have their handicap revised down according to the following formula: (Actual Stableford Score - 18) / 2
For more information on Handicaps { Click Here }
If you need an official handicap, Urban Fairways can provide you with one. Please email golf@urbanfairways.com for more information.

League FAQs

Can we register more players even if the League has started - currently we have less than 8 players?
Teams are allowed to sign up to a maximum of 8 players any time during the competition. Please give us at least 48 hours notice if you do intend to bring in new members so that we will have sufficient time to settle the administrative details.
Where do I go to find out my tee-times and schedule for each week?
All Tee-Times & Competition Schedule can be found under the league tabs.
Please click the - LETTER / MATCH DETAILS - beside your team name for scheduled tee-time & simulator.
What time do I need to arrive for my Tee-off?

Please try to arrive at least 15 mins before your tee-off time. This will allow you to warm up before you start your game.

What if I am unable to make it on time, or can’t make it at all on that day?

We strongly advise that teams have 2 standby players each week so that it doesn’t inconvenience the rest of the players.

*** IMPORTANT: Captains, please inform us of any changes to the scheduled players in advance so that we can update Golf Game Book.
Are the tee-off dates flexible - can we come in another day during the week to play our round?

The playing dates are subject to availability of venue and the other teams. Only 2 players are required per week. 

Do we use the golf clubs at Urban Fairways or do we have to bring our own?

We have TaylorMade and Cobra clubs available for teams to use. However, you may bring your own clubs as you may be more comfortable using them.

Can I leave my golf clubs at Urban Fairways during the duration of the league?

Unfortunately no. We do not have any storage space.

Must the whole team be at Urban Fairways every week?

No. Only 2 team members are required to play each week. However, the rest of the team are encouraged to come down and cheer on their teammates, as well as network with the other teams! 

How will scoring be done?

Using Golf GameBook app - please download the Apple app store


If you have any further questions, 
call us on 6327 8045 or email us at golf@urbanfairways.com