Members Official USGA Handicap Procedure

Irrespective of your level of play, you need a handicap in order to compete fairly with your peers. We have partnered with Golf Allianz and from January 1st 2017 we offer Official USGA HandicapsALL golf members will be required to have an official handicap. Worldwide golf insurance is included. 

We are offering this now at a very special rate (by comparison MGK is $180) but we need to submit completed documents by 25th November to have handicaps by January 1st 2016. You will fall under one of three categories: 

Type 1 Never had a Handicap
Step 1: Pay $110 HERE
Step 2: Play 3 holes on the simulator supervised by our PGA Professional
Step 3: Complete a Rules & Etiqutte Questionnaire
Step 4: Submit 5 x 18 hole scorecards (See James) + one golf course receipt
Step 5: Submit a photo by email (jpg)

Type 2 Transfer an existing USGA handicap (e.g. MGK)
Step 1: Pay $110 HERE 

Step 2: Submit a photo by email (jpg)

Step 3: Submit existing handicap card

Type 3 Transfer a non USGA handicap 
Step 1:Pay $110 HERE

Step 2: Submit handicap Index/Scores Data

Step 3: Submit 1 x 18 hole scorecard and Golf Course Receipt (Signed by our PGA Professional)
Step 4: Submit a photo by email (jpg)