The Full Swing Golf Simulator - THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS

Unlike our competition, whose technology analyzes the golfer and calculates ball flight,
Full Swing’s infrared is the only tracking system that measures ball flight in real-time.
This means instant ball readings as your shot transitions seamlessly from the real world to the virtual world.

Here’s a little bit more about the technology we have:


With 84 world class courses to choose from - Pebble Beach to St Andrew's - and multiple game formats - skins to matchplay - we have it all. You never knew indoor golf could be so much fun. On your lunch break, you can play 9 holes with a friend without breaking a sweat or enter one of our golf leagues for the full experience.


Looking to sharpen your game or just wanting to learn - with a fulltime golf professional on hand to help and three simulators to choose from you’ll see your game improve in no time.
With no time to hit the course after work, the ultimate experience is to head down and play a round with friends or clients. You will have so much fun that you’ll be hard-pressed to leave.