PGA Tour Golfers


"If it weren't for Urban Fairways indoor golf sims, my handicap would be hanging around 15.  I'm able to keep the feel around the greens and clean ball striking in tact.  The yardage is accurate.  I like my 7.5 index.. Great value as a member if you enjoy golf!"

Mike Kasem - Radio DJ Class 95

"Not only has UF been great for my golf and for entertaining clients - what I really appreciate is the club atmosphere where I can mix and drink with a regular bunch of like minded friends in a classy bar and where I always know I will be treated well. I can honestly say this place has become my home away from home and enriched my life as an expatriate in Singapore."

Jonathan Miles - Director JLT Towers Re

“Urban Fairways offers a uniquely dynamic and memorable experience. With its highly personalized service and cozy atmosphere, Urban Fairways is an easy choice as the venue for BMW’s exclusive VIP events.”  

Lito German, Marketing Director BMW Asia 

“......thanks for helping us to deliver another sensational networking event at Urban Fairways.  Our partners and targeted guests had a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing evening and we were able to secure a number of leads for substantial business to Australia in the coming year. We have a number of these events planned for the coming year and will definitely look at Urban Fairways to host them again.”

Brent Anderson – Manager, Singapore- Tourism Australia