Reviews & Testimonials


PGA Tour Golfers
"If it weren't for Urban Fairways indoor golf sims, my handicap would be hanging around 15.  I'm able to keep the feel around the greens and clean ball striking in tact.  The yardage is accurate.  I like my 7.5 index.. Great value as a member if you enjoy golf!"
Mike Kasem - DJ/Producer at Mediacorp
“James provides tailored development for learners. His teaching style is not rigid, and lessons are fun with technics shared in a non-traditional manner. James actively follows up after lessons, and provides diligent feedback with video commentaries. It was a great experience learning from James and making learning golf fun!”
Jocelyn Pan - VP, Business Manager at JP Morgan Chase
"Not only has UF been great for my golf and for entertaining clients - what I really appreciate is the club atmosphere where I can mix and drink with a regular bunch of like minded friends in a classy bar and where I always know I will be treated well. I can honestly say this place has become my home away from home and enriched my life as an expatriate in Singapore."
Jonathan Miles - Director JLT Towers Re
“I have managed to decrease my average score by around 10 strokes, am hitting the ball much more cleanly and consistently, and have broken 100 on several occasions now - thanks James!”
Ollie Van Der Zee
“Did I say I broke 100 last week? I meant 90 this week :)”
John Perella
“James was the first golf instructor to take a holistic view of my golf game to come up with a customized lesson plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending James to anyone looking to shoot lower scores!”
Oliver Palmer

Trip Advisor